Talc Powder :
We mainly produce talc powder pertaining to paper grade & cosmetic grade (Micronised). The powder of brightness ranging from 80% to 95% is processed by us. Our major consumers are well-known paper & cosmetic industries in Indian market. For past three decades, we have been producing this grade with many modifications and improvements in the production technology to meet the standards of our valued customers. We process talc up to 10 microns. 

Talc (Special Grades)
We also match customers’ specifications and ensure to provide talc strictly, as per their requirements, for various industries. 


  • Whiteness on Gloss Reflectometer compared with MGCO3 as 100% standard: 96.5%; Magnesium Oxide as MGO: 31.2%; Silica as SIO2: 60%; Soluble Lime as CAO: 0.9%
  • Bulk density: 0.47 (1 Tap) & 0.80 (50 Tap).
  • Feel: Smooth, Soapy/greasy, free from dirt and grit.

Technical details

Loss on Ignition4% to 6%
Loss on Drying0.05%
Acid soluble substances (as SO4)2%
Extractable Fluoride0.20%
pH (at 10%)8.5% to 9.5%
Soluble Salts0.20%
Absorption in oil30 to 35
Asbestos FibersNil
SiO461 to 66
MgO29 to 32


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